Contrary to most companies, Photometal was not established at a particular instant in time.
It was rather conceived and has been evolving from the passion and love of its people during
the last 15 years. The company was founded by Mr. Athanassios Tountas, actively involved
in advertising since 1989. Metal has always been the focal point of our advertising proposals.
Photometal is the offspring of our association with photography since 2004.

Photometal is a small yet versatile and resourceful advertising company with notable success.
It is staffed exclusively by young though experienced and creative people.

Our activities mainly cover the sectors of advertising and photographic documentation of festivities,
mostly pertaining to activity centers for children. In both sectors, the objective of our company’s
implementations is twofold: an effective promotion of our clients, and an alternative approach
to the mutual relationship with them. In Photometal, we believe that ardent investment
in what we do is necessary to achieve long-term collaboration and commercial success,
in the context of a relationship of mutual trust and respect with our clients.

Nowadays companies need more than just good advertising and promotion. Therefore we respond creatively
to contemporary demands by formulating integral advertising solutions, designed to last in time.
In Photometal we have both the experience and the means to guarantee the excellent quality of our
products and services. Optimizing the cost vs. quality relationship without degrading the outcome
is exactly what secures the satisfaction of our clients.

After 20 years of presence in the fields of advertising and professional gifts,
our know-how is also applied to photographic coverage of events; at the same time, we constantly
do our best to renovate our services with novel and innovative products. The philosophy of Photometal
is to embrace your needs with integral programs. To this end, both our products and services are tailored
to the specific requirements of each client. To us, each collaboration is unique; it has its own identity.

Our versatility, resourcefulness, excellent know-how, and earnest attitude to collaboration guarantee
the high quality of the presentation and promotion of your company in the market.